Ralph O’Dell and Thresa Jean Melton met in 1942 while riding around the Celina square. Ralph attended Alla Hubbard school and Thresa went to Celina schools. A year later they were married at the home of a preacher in Denton on June 13, 1943.

Ralph and Thresa traveled to Dallas to work, but 3 1/2 months later Ralph was called into active duty for the US Army. He was stationed in The Pacific Islands for 2 1/2 years during World War II. After the war, Ralph remained in Army Reserves for 50 years.

Thresa worked for Sears & Robucks Dallas until they started their family. Three children were born and raised in Dallas until 1964. Ralph worked for Moncrief Lenoir Inc. and the family moved to Temple, Lubbock and back to Dallas.

Thresa spent her years bringing love and security to their home while raising happy and healthy kids. As grandparents to six and great-grandparents to five, The O’Dell’s moved three more times to Houston, Waco and finally back to Celina where it all began.

Fully retired in 2002, they returned to Celina for home near thier own siblings. June 2018, Ralph and Thresa will celebrate 75 years of marriage. The family will gather at their home for a shower of cards and memories. If you’d like to congratulate this wonderful couple, please send cards to 615 Arizona, Celina, TX 75009.