Recently, a group of Celina High School students contacted CISD Administration expressing the desire to participate in the National School Walk-Out Rally that was being held today, in honor of students and faculty lost due to school shootings that have taken place throughout our country.

CHS Principal Dave Wilson said, “Celina High School Administration encourages all students to exercise their right of free speech and assembly.  This is a great opportunity for our students to voice their concerns and be actively engaged in the political process.”

The administrative team met with the student organizers to help eliminate possible conflicts, security concerns, and/or misunderstandings that could be associated with the walk-out.  The school district agreed to allow students to participate provided they met certain criteria prior to the event.

  • Students under the age of 18 must have parent approval in writing.
  • Students without parent permission and/or those that choose not to participate will be allowed to remain in classrooms.
  • Students must understand that a walk-out is considered an unexcused absence due to the fact that the student is not in class.  Students will be responsible for all missed assignments.  No other discipline will be issued unless the prior criteria has not been met.
  • Any student without prior parent permission that leaves the building without permission will face disciplinary consequences.
  • Walk-out is scheduled to begin promptly at 10:00am and will take place out side within the amphitheater area only.  At the conclusion of the rally, students will return to their classes shortly after 10:30am.

At 10:00am this morning, a small gathering participated in the student-led walk-out, all of whom adhered the criteria above.  The event was organized, respectful and peaceful.

A number of the students stood up to speak and lend their voices to the growing movement in order to bring about empathy and awareness to the tragedies that have occurred.

Wilson concluded, “We feel extremely fortunate to have a group of students that felt the need to reach out and work with our administration, striking a balance between the right to exercise their rights with minimal disruption to the educational process.”

We are very proud of our CHS students!